Baking Tips 101: How to roll a sponge for a swiss roll

How to make a swiss roll (no, not by pushing Roger Federer down a hill 😛 )

In this little baking tip, we describe a technique for rolling up your sponge into a swiss roll…

While your swiss roll sponge is in the oven baking, grab a damp tea towel and lay it on your work surface.  Place a sheet of greaseproof paper (slightly bigger than your cake tin) on top of the towel and sprinkle with caster sugar.

Once your sponge is out of the oven, leave to cool for just a few minutes and then turn it out onto your sugared paper.  You need to do this with one quick, positive flip of the tin!  Gently peel back the baking paper that you used to line the tin, which is now on top of your sponge.

Carefully score a line across the width of the sponge (don’t cut all the way through!), about 2cm in from the edge.  Use this score to start rolling your sponge, tightly rolling it away from you down the length of the paper until it is completely rolled up.  Set it aside to cool completely in its rolled-up shape.

Baking tips 101: How to roll up a swiss roll

All rolled up!

Use this technique when baking our Most Marvellous cherry and almond swiss roll and our Most Marvellous chocolate and marzipan Easter swiss roll.