Food for coeliacs

Certified gluten-free products - Most Marvellous BakingWe know how important it is for people with coeliac disease to know that the food they are eating is safe…that it is both free from gluten and prepared/packed with controls in place to prevent cross-contamination.

We also know that just because your immune system can’t handle gluten doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t handle delicious tasting home-baked goodliness.

We know all of this because we too live with coeliac disease.

The ingredients we use in our products are all gluten-free. We take potential cross-contamination very seriously and so interrogate all our suppliers to get the assurances we need to feel happy using their ingredients in our products. If we don’t get those guarantees, we don’t use those products. Simple.

Our ambient products have been tested in a UK accredited laboratory using the ELISA technique to demonstrate that they are below the 20ppm necessary to be certified gluten-free. Our certificates are available for anyone who would like to see them. Please just email us.

xx Millie, Marcus and Me xx